About Me


About me

Tomo was born and raised on Ishigaki Island, one of the spiritual centers of Okinawa, Japan. This place connected her with spirits and angels naturally.  Currently she lives in Portland, Oregon, where people are more open to a spiritual living life style. 

Tomo has received trainings from Stacie Codino, ATP®, and Jan Engles-Smith at Lightsong School of Shamanic Studies and Doreen Virtue. She is a certified Angelic Guidance Counselor®, Medium, and shamanic healing practitioner. She is a student of A Course in Miracles and a Divine Channel for the humanity and the planet’s ascension.

Tomo’s healing style combines everything she has  learned, Shamanic teachings of Okinawan, Western and Native American origins,  Ancient healing art of Ki, communicating with the Angelic and Spirit Realms...  She is a channel to bring the guidance and the higher frequency healing energies from the celestial realms and a bridge between the worlds so people start reawakening and shining the divine light within them.

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