Session has both guidance and energy healing.

Hours:  Mon - Fri  10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Phone/Skype, E-mail Readings, Distance Healing sessions available

Currently Offering:

Soul Reading/Spiritual Counseling

Angelic and Shamanic Healing

Sound Healing and the Light Language

Energy Work and Crystal Healing

Mediumship/Psychopomp/Spirit Releasing

Past-life Healing/Karmic Release/Curse Unraveling

Soul Callback

Tomo works with Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascension Guides and Galactic Families of Light, who come to help with healing and protection during sessions.  

Tomo helps discovering one’s soul histories, purposes, lessons, and challenges.  She helps identifying blocks that are preventing a person from moving forward, then helps removing and healing these blocks.  Then the person will be filled with higher vibrational energies and be connected with his/her own true authentic self.

Each session is unique to each person.  Tomo builds a safe space to explore the invisible Divine realms and energies and bring out what is needed at this time on one’s path.  “I am here to reawaken the Divine within each person and let their soul soar! ♡”

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Energy Work and

               Spiritual Healing